On January 1, every year, we celebrate Public Domain Day, the day when work’s copyright expires, and it enters the public domain. It means that each of them you can freely use (display, modify, print, etc.) without asking permission from the author.

In 2017 the list of the public domain was enriched by the works of thirty notable persons.

We created several collections that now is available on Picryl. Take a look!

Paintings of a French Cubist painter Henri Le Fauconnier

Paintings of a Belgian symbolist painter and graphic artist Léon Spilliaert

Paintings of a British surrealist painter and war artist Paul Nash


The list of people, whose works will enter the public domain in 2017:

Adolph de Meyer France France Photographer
Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov Russia Russia Composer
Allan Cyril Brooks Canada Canada Ornithologist, illustrator, and artist
Armando Augusto Freire (Armandinho) Portugal Portugal Fado guitarist and composer
Charles Despiau France France Sculptor
Damon Runyon United States United States Writer and newspaperman
Eriks Ādamsons Latvia Latvia writer, poet, translator
Feliks Nowowiejski Poland Poland Composer
Frona Eunice Wait United States United States Author and newspaper writer
Gerhart Hauptmann Germany Germany Writer, Nobel Prize laureate
Gertrude Stein United States United States Writer
Giuseppe Adami Italy Italy librettist
Granville Bantock United Kingdom United Kingdom composer
H. G. Wells United Kingdom United Kingdom Writer
Harry Von Tilzer United Kingdom United States Songwriter
Helen Bannerman United Kingdom United Kingdom Writer
Henri Le Fauconnier France France Painter
Herbert Baker United Kingdom United Kingdom Architect
Hermann von Keyserling Germany Germany Philosopher
James Bernard United Kingdom United Kingdom Elocutionist
John Maynard Keynes United Kingdom United Kingdom Economist
Józef Mehoffer Poland Poland Painter and decorative artist
Louis Bachelier France France Mathematician
László Moholy-Nagy Hungary Hungary Painter and photographer
Léon Spilliaert Belgium Belgium Painter
Manuel de Falla Spain Spain Composer
Otis Adelbert Kline United States United States Literary agent and science fiction writer
Patty Hill United States United States Songwriter
Paul Langevin France France Physicist
Paul Nash United Kingdom United Kingdom Painter/photographer

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